Reasons to choose us

Reasons to choose us

Pick us!

1.  Our aim is to raise the standard of excellence in  the waste industry company.

2.  Our teams and crew are trained in safety practices: zero injures, zero accidents. We work due Local and Federal rules and regulations.

3.  Your satisfaction is our top priority! We are highly recommended.

4.  Our philosophy bases on honesty.

5.  Affordable prices – our offer is number one!

6.  We work 24 h / day from Monday to Saturday without any interruption in service.

7.  As a “green” company we strive to recycle all your rubbish.

8.  The list of our partners is still open.

9.  The obstinacy of our European spirit guarantees scrupulousness.

10.  As a provider of demolition services we cooperate with plumbing and electrical companies.

11.  Our insurance policy limits to $ 7000000 and can be risen.