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Our company offers  wide range of services:

  • Demolition (inner /outer)
  • More complicated demolition (lift, chimney, stack, roof, structural ceiling)
  • Garbage, waste removal – 24 h/day from Monday to Saturday (we use 20 yd dump trucks)
  • Basement clean out
  • Attic / storage clean out
  • House / flat clean out
  • Uninhabited house / flat clean out
  • Office clean out and other commerce locals
  • Construction site clean out
  • Yard clean out
  • Removing ruins and cinders after fire, conflagration
  • Demolition (full or part) of houses damaged because of flood
  • Debris removal – after natural disasters

As a progressive and innovative provider of non-hazardous waste management we serve diverse range of customers. Our offer  aims at:

  • New home owners : if your house or flat needs to be completely renewed but old, broken and unwanted items are still there, we remove them. Furthermore, our company helps you in inner demolition and remove all debris leaving your home ready for other construction works.
  • Construction companies:

Our partnership guarantees:
  • quick realization  of your order (24 h/day)
  • loyalty
  • creating  customer account / credit
  • striving to your needs in a professional manner.
  • we do all kinds of demolition, even those more complicated such as: lifts / elevators. Chimneys / stacks, roofs, construction ceilings

We invite you to use our services.

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