Why us

Why us

Pick us not a container!

-    If you rent a container or dumpster  you have to pay for the whole volume.

-    Not every rubbish can be put into such container.

-    If the container / dumpster is large and has to be placed on the street you need additional allowance DOT – it needs to be reapplied every fifth day.

-    It is common that random people throw their rubbish into your container.

-    It is your duty to fill the container.

-    To place the container on the street , three parking lots are needed – it is almost impossible to manage it in the busiest city in USA: New York.

-    Remember to clean area after removing the container.

-    In case of any damage (path, curb, parking lot) you have to pay for it.

-    There is no chance to order a container after 5 p.m.

This is why our company offers you only dump trucks: containers on wheels.

Take the advantage of it:

-    You pay only for your rubbish, garbage, debris not for the whole container.

-    You do not need any allowance.

-    It is easy to relocate the dump truck if there is need.

-    Our crew takes the rubbish from your property and fill the truck – it is obvious that you can do it on your own

-    We take all kinds of garbage, debris, etc. however, as a “green” company we take care about environment – the dump will recycle all rubbish for you.

-    Our team cleans the street.

-    Dump trucks do not cause damage to the surface of the street.

-    We disappears after taking your garbage – there is no need to wait.

-    Only our company provides services 24 h/day.

-    We save your time and money managing your rubbish in a stresless manner.

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